Photo session for new web page

The image session for Heban was to provide material for their new site – https://heban.net/

The session itself took only a few days, but preparation and planning for it took us a lot more. It’s not a surprise! In the end, it was necessary to examine exactly what photos the customer needs for which department, how many models we need to hire and what locations would be suitable. Additionally we had to take care of much more things like clothes, logistics, permission to enter, etc. 

The session itself was, however, a real pleasure.

Heban has many years of experience and a high standard of its services. It is a company not only dealing with the sale of construction products and interior finishing, but also designing and creating 3D visualizations. It is a very good, comprehensive solution for people who want to arrange their space so that they feel good in it, without thinking for months over the selection of appropriate tiles, floors, paints.

Working with such professionals obliged us to do the job the best we could do. 


Photos and postproduction – Jan Wolak-Dyszyński

Makeup – Agnieszka Mendel

Asist – Blanka BB Bochenek